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Team Building Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle is definitely calling when it comes to iconic events and team building activities. Explore exciting venues and exclusive events in Newcastle upon Tyne with KDM...
Virtual Chocolate Making

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Chocolate Making

Enter and explore the delicous world of chocolate making, from the comfort of your own kitchen.

  • Duration: circa two hours
  • Requirements: laptop and a secure internet connection!
  • Group Size: 6 - 100
Flapper girls

Themed Evening Events & Parties

Party Like Gatsby

Join us for a night to remember at our speakeasy nightclub in downtown Chicago.  

  • Duration: As required
  • Requirements: Large room with additional space once dining tables are in situ
  • Group Size: unlimited
Music bingo card

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Music Bingo

Can you spot a Cher song in just a few seconds? And identify what year this was a hit? If yes, music bingo is right up your street! Bingo with a uniqu...

  • Duration: Up to 30 minutes
  • Requirements: No specific requirements
  • Group Size: 5 – 500

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Mexican Railway

Mexican Railway is a lively team building activity perfect for breaking the ice or energising delegates at a conference.

  • Duration: 30 - 60 Minutes
  • Requirements: Sufficient space for guests to stand or sit in rows
  • Group Size: 10 to 300 guests

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Rags to Riches Outdoor

‘Rags to Riches’ is the ultimate fast moving inter-team competition.

  • Duration: 60 – 150 Minutes
  • Requirements: Flat lawned area
  • Group Size: 10 - 300
KDM Events - Team Building Events - Event Management Company - Human bingo team building activity

Company Team Building Events & Activities

Human Bingo

A perfect high energy icebreaker encouraging networking and communication.

  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Requirements: Sufficient standing space per person
  • Group Size: 8 - 500
Escape the Crime scene tape

Competitive Events

Escape The Crime

Following on from our hugely popular “Escape the Office” activity, Escape the Crime is our brand new and unique escape room game.

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Requirements: Room to be clear of tables and chairs
  • Group Size: Up to 72 guests
Camp fire stories

Physical Events

Hungry Games

An outdoor team building event that will but your survival instincts to the test.

  • Duration: 2 - 5 Hours
  • Requirements: Flat lawned open space
  • Group Size: Up to 168

Events in Newcastle upon Tyne

An award-winning events company servicing the whole of the UK. We are well known for our track record in delivering memorable team building experiences and evening events in Newcastle and beyond. From indoor chariot building to themed evenings and Christmas events. We are the best place to start when it comes to events in Newcastle upon Tyne.

If you’ve got the big job of organising team building activities or events, don’t struggle alone. There’s a lot of information out there. And knowing where to start can feel very overwhelming. With the help of our Event Managers. We can support you to plan, organise and execute engaging, memorable events. What’s more, thanks to the strong relationships we’ve built over the years with venues in the borough and beyond. We can help you find the best location at the very best price. We have delivered events recently at the Hotel Du Vin Newcastle, Malmaison Newcastle and The Assembly Rooms. To name just a few…

A bustling, creative and exciting city, Newcastle truly is not to be missed. Home to an absolute abundance of museums, galleries, hotels, bars, restaurants and theatres. When it comes to planning team building and events here you’ll never be stuck for a choice and certainly won’t be disappointed!

Team Events in Newcastle upon Tyne'
Maldron Hotel Newcastle exterior

Maldron Hotel Newcastle

A 4-star hotel located in the heart of Newcastle City Centre, within minutes’ walk of many shops, bars and popular tourist attractions.

  • 265 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 70 capacity theatre style meeting space
  • Close to Newcastle train station
Yorke Arms external shot

The Yorke Arms

Reinvented in 2020 to cater solely for private events, this luxurious Yorkshire venue offers space for up to 28 guests to get away from it all.

  • 18 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 28 capacity for meetings
  • Close to Harrogate Train Station
Grantley Hall exterior

Grantley Hall

A luxury hotel and wellness retreat on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

  • 47 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 90 capacity theatre layout for meetings
  • Close to Harrogate Train Station
Aldwark Manor overhead view

Aldwark Manor Estate

The Aldwark Manor Estate is an independent, indulgent luxury hotel in the Yorkshire countryside.

  • 49 bedrooms & onsite parking
  • 240 capacity theatre layout for meetings
  • Close to York train station

Team Building in Newcastle upon Tyne

Team building is a fantastic way to develop relationships and build confidence. Whether you have a venue in mind for your team building in Newcastle. Or if you need support to organise the whole thing, we can help! If you need expert advice on the best venue for your event. We can offer over 30 years of industry experience and access to a huge database of venues. When you work with KDM, you get the most up-to-date information. The best prices and inside knowledge to help you make the right choice.

We have delivered exceptional team building experiences for groups and colleagues across a whole spectrum of industries. The benefits of these kinds of activities are multitudinous. From strengthening working relationships within a new team to simply providing a day of fun and much-needed stress relief. With us, you can be sure of the very best for you and your staff.

Planning your own events can be difficult to get right. When you do it alone it falls to you to spin all the plates. While making sure you stay on track and within budget. There’s also the pressure of getting it just right. Sometimes, events planned in-house don’t hit the mark. Whether that’s due to time constraints, costs, or lack of resources. You can rest assured that all your bases will be covered and that the end result will be an experience enjoyed by all!

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Evening Events in Newcastle upon Tyne

Themed evenings are a fantastic way to help colleagues and team members wind down and destress. Perfect as a way to round off conferences or celebrate milestone achievements. KDM can help you to organise fun evening events that are memorable for all the right reasons. From Celebrity Juiced (hosted by our very own Keith Orange) to our casino evenings and cocktail making receptions. It doesn’t matter how zany or elegant the event. Our team has the expertise to make it happen.

Regardless of the occasion, we have the resources and know-how to create unforgettable evenings. The KDM team has inside knowledge of the very best venues and locations across Newcastle to suit your needs. When you work with us, you get exclusive access to this comprehensive database. And our Event Managers will negotiate all the finer details from prices to contracts on your behalf. All with your requirements and budgets in mind.

Our event management services are also super flexible, so you can pick and choose what you need from us. And if your requirements evolve, we can rise to the challenge with ease. From theme development and decoration to after dinner speakers, activities and entertainment, we are on hand to help. And we never do anything by halves! If you want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to events and team building in Newcastle upon Tyne, then get in touch with us today!

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Events in Newcastle upon Tyne'

Top 10 Team Building Events & Activities in Newcastle upon Tyne

1. Balloon Bonanza

This high energy, creative challenge can be used to kick-start a conference, energize your delegates after lunch or create a fun finale! Our circus performers will guide guests through making a balloon dog and guitar before judging the interesting creations!

2. Beat Box

No musical ability or previous experience is necessary for this fun and energetic icebreaker! Beatboxing is super fun and original way to get all your guests energised. Led by our instructors, your group is allocated to different percussion sections to practice. Before all are performed together in an amazing finale, which demonstrates the power of collaboration in action.

3. Body Percussion

Body percussion is an effective way of ensuring all your delegates get up, wake up and interact. Making it a perfect start to any conference. This fun filled musical session is delivered in a light-hearted manner that ensures everyone is well and truly invigorated.

4. Boomwhacker Blast

No musical skills are needed for this event! All guests will be quickly transformed from a group of musical novices into a pulsating beat. The Boomwhacker Blast is a fast moving and energizing rhythmic experience. Using brightly coloured musical tubes to get everyone smiling and energy levels soaring!

5. Creative Challenges

A selection of fun tasks designed to challenge your guests in a constructive, creative, and interactive session. Challenges could be creating drag cars to race. Making balloon animals, or turning one of your colleagues into a clown! The challenges incorporate business outcomes and can be mixed to match your time frame and objectives.

6. Drone Flyover

Designed to get your delegates enthused and interacting, Drone Flyover will provide a memorable introduction or finale to your event!  Guests must arrange themselves, holding the cards above their heads to show the image in full. Drone then fly’s over capturing the moment providing a lasting memento of the image created and shared experience.

7. Human Bingo

Great fun and high energy. This is the perfect way to encourage networking and chat in an informal, fun way! Asking only one question at a time, guests move from person to person with their bingo card. They mark off when they meet someone who has done the activity on their card such as “speaks three languages” or “has run a marathon”. Who will be the first person to shout BINGO?

8. Juggling Jamboree

Juggling one of the most rewarding, yet least physically demanding skills. Whilst we can’t promise your guests will be amazing jugglers by the end of the event. We can make sure they have plenty of fun! Our professional Circus performers will lead guests through juggling techniques. Your guests will gain new skills and have fun along the way!

9. Komponents

Short, sharp, and fun hands-on activities designed to work tabletop or in small spaces. Designed to involve all team members. With 36 activities in our Komponents portfolio, we have something for every group.

10. Mexican Railway

Everyone has heard of a Mexican wave, but now there is the Mexican Railway! Teams will be given equipment to build a railway before all coming together in one synchronised movement. This lively team building activity. Also perfect for breaking the ice or energising delegates at a conference.

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