Venue Finder & Hire

We understand that booking the right venue for your event involves much more than simply room sizes or location. The style, atmosphere, price, transport links, guest perceptions, contract terms (and the list goes on) are all critical factors that you have to juggle when finding that all important setting to host your event.

To help you achieve that goal, we make use of an online portal to an independent database of every event venue in the UK and overseas. As well as giving access to the widest range of options available, though this tool we can manage all quotes, bookings and contracts. This gives you quick and easy access to important Procurement and Management reports showing your spend, savings and booking trends.

And because we work at over 300 of these venues each year delivering conferences, team activities and evening events, it gives us unique partnerships and first hand insight into a large portion of the corporate venue market. Which we share with you to help make the most informed choices!

Importantly, there is no financial cost to you. Our time is covered by the modest commissions paid by venues to venue finders such as ourselves. This is a standard within the industry and has no impact on the venue's pricing to you. In fact it’s a great benefit to have a professional team on your side with experience of hoteliers to negotiate pricing and contracts for you. And it’s a common misconception that only the large agencies have access to the best rates. In reality, venues are happy to negotiate rates for each specific booking in order to win the business. So we work hard to negotiate the best deals for you, knowing the current deals on offer, past rates quoted and areas where venues can add value. We thrive on getting a great deal!

If you’d like to talk to us about finding venues for your events please get in contact here.