Choosing the right team events

Corporate team building events can sometimes be a bit hit or miss – team building that is unfocussed and a team building event that is poorly chosen could waste your time or even have a negative effect.

Team Building Objectives

How many times have you gone to see your doctor, said “I’m ill” and been given some “illness tablets”? Never, of course – a review of the symptoms is required first. Similarly, the place to start in choosing team building events is first to undertake an evaluation and establish quite clearly the objectives you wish to acheive with your team building. If there are problems in your team, you need to determine the causes and consider the best way to tackle them. If there are no problems, you should identify how best to maintain or improve performance.

There are numerous types of team building event possibilities, in fact far too many to list!  Hitherto, the most popular team building events have invariably involved some kind of outdoor activities. These are usually fun, but can suffer from the problem that it is difficult to translate the benefits back into the workplace and with the vagaries of the British weather the underlying message of the team building can get lost in the effort to stay dry and warm!. The majority of KDM’s Team Building Events have been designed to take place indoors where distractions are minimal and the team building can then be focused on resolving specific issues.

For the most effective team building you need to have an integrated programme that combines team building events with ongoing team building activities in the workplace. Team building is not a single event that takes place off-site, but an ongoing process that takes place within the team over a long period of time. It is therefore important to choose activities that have objectives that match the issues in your team and make a long-term contribution to better team building.

Choosing your Team Building

When you then take a more detailed look at your short list of team building ideas, there are various things you need to consider:

– Will the team building event achieve the change you want?
– Will all team members be involved in the event?
– Will there be any coercion involved – it can backfire and be damaging to the team
– The team building event chosen must be such that individuals won’t feel excluded
– Can you find the time, budget and an appropriate venue for your team building event
– Ensure that there is no physical risk (See a Risk Assessment and ensure adequate Public Liability Insurance is in place)
– Make sure that the team building is structured so that members are treated equally and with respect
– See that fun is not achieved at the expense of others
– The team building event does not have the potential to stir anger between members
– The team building won’t expose fears/incompetence – e.g. a fear of failure
– Plan so that any conflict or feedback will be managed constructively
– Buy in from the team is very important, so it is usually better to involve a cross-section of the team in making the decision rather than have just one individual decide on the medium used for your choice of team building event.

Post Team Building Event Review

After your team building you should perform a review or evaluation of its effectiveness in meeting your objectives as this will help you in evaluating the return on investment and help in the choice of your next team building event.

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