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Newquay is a seaside resort, town, fishing port and civil parish in Cornwall, England. It is located on the North Atlantic coast of Cornwall. In 1987, an area that oversees the River Gannel called Trethellan Farm was certified to have a Bronze Age village. The earliest trace of settlement in the Newquay area comprises of an old Iron Age hill fort/industrial centre which took advantage of the nearby abundant resources (including deposits of iron) and the superior natural defences provided by Trevelgue Head. Natural protection for the small fishing village from bad weather was provided by the current Newquay Harbour because of the curve of the headland.

Venue Finder and Hire in Newquay

Struggling to find a suitable venue for your next event? Why not take advantage of KDM's free Newquay venue finder service? Our years of experience of event management in Newquay and throughout the country has provided us with the knowledge and experience to assist with your enquiry. From meetings to seminars to a conference or team build activities our staff will find the perfect Newquay venue for your event whilst saving you time and money. Are you looking to organise team building activities, a meeting, a conference or for support in event management in Newquay? We provide a comprehensive Newquay Venue Finder service throughout the UK. So if you would like further information or informal guidance please do not hesitate to speak with us.

Our experienced and knowledgeable Newquay venue finders have at their fingers tips an extensive database of venues in Newquay and across the country. The team at KDM know which venues will meet your requirements and which will offer you the most competitive rates. To benefit - at no cost to you - from this service, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Venue Finder and Hire in Newquay

Our venue finders have sourced venues and meeting rooms in Newquayand we have provided Event Management at a number of venues in Newquay including Legacy Hotel Victoria, Falmouth Hotel, Great Western Hotel, Priory Lodge Hotel, Kilbirnie Hotel.

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KDM are able to act as your Newquay venue finder without any charge to you as we are offered a commission from venues booked. Please be assured this does not increase the cost to you though. In fact we negotiate discounts on your behalf and pass these savings on to you. So if you are looking for a venue or meeting room in Newquay or anywhere else, get in touch and we will save you valuable time and maximise the return on your budget!