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We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor team building solutions to meet your every need and will work with you to deliver the perfect event.

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  • Out of Office Olympics
    Out of Office Olympics
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    Out of Office Olympics

    Inspired by TV's 'It's a Knockout' teams compete head to head on large inflatable and knock-out challenges in this energetic and fun team event. An exciting blend of inflatable games and bonus fun rounds, each team competes head to head against another team on each activity, trying to maximize their score before moving onto the next game. The emphasis is on participation, interaction and laughter and is an event with something for everybody.

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Communication and Teamwork

  • GPS Treasure Quest
    GPS Treasure Quest
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    GPS Treasure Quest

    An integrated event using latest technology, tablets and GPS tracking - teams must select and navigate the route on foot via the GPS hotspots on their Galaxy tablet to solve the clues and challenges found there. Team work and communication are essential if teams are going to achieve success. 

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Time Management, Teamwork and Problem Solving.

  • The Hungry Games
    The Hungry Games
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    The Hungry Games

    Inspired by the Hunger Games phenomenon, this event allows your teams to step into the world of arena survival! Pitted against your colleagues, can your team muster all their target, combat and survival bush skills to triumph for their district? In order to win, your teams (or districts) must assemble the best Hungry Games team camp possible consisting of waterproof shelters, live fires and eating utensils. Success in each of these challenges will qualify the teams to compete in the exciting Archery Combat Tournament finale played with foam tipped arrows! 

  • Spy Academy
    Spy Academy
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    Spy Academy

    This event tests teams on their mental, physical and sniper abilities in a series of indoor and outdoor ‘spy training’ challenges. Let’s see if you have what it takes to crack the spy codebreaker top secret information and graduate from the academy to achieve "double 0" status.  

    This event is particularly great at encouraging: 
    Communication, Teamwork and Problem Solving. 

  • School Sports
    School Sports
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    School Sports

    It's on with the PE kit and off to the games field as teams take part in traditional school sports day races in this fun and light-hearted competitive event. A little effort is required on the activities but they're not too physically demanding. Will your house win?

    This event is particularly good for encouraging:
    Teamwork, Delegation and Communication.

  • Quest for the Best
    Quest for the Best
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    Quest for the Best

    The winning team takes all in this challenging team building event. The tasks presented will test teams' ability to use each others' strengths and input as they seek to complete the challenges within the time frame available using just the equipment provided. Good communication, team work and creativity will help in the Quest for the Best. Available as a half or full day event.

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Leadership, Communication, Teamwork and Problem Solving. 

  • Krypton Factor Outdoors
    Krypton Factor Outdoors
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    Krypton Factor Outdoors

    Mental & physical challenges combine with team work as teams vie to be the best. Everyone can excel as teams compete in a variety of challenging rounds including general knowledge, response, observation, mental agility, intelligence and physical ability. 3 rounds take place indoors, with the remaining 3 outside including assault course style inflatables. Communication and teamwork are key to achieve success in the Krypton Factor which is also available as an indoor event with suitable equipment.

    This event is particularly good at encouraging:
    Communication, Teamwork, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving.

  • GPS Black Cab Challenge
    GPS Black Cab Challenge
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    GPS Black Cab Challenge

    Far more than just a Treasure Hunt, this is an integrated event using latest technology, tablets and GPS tracking. Allocated their own private black cab & driver, teams take part in an event which is engaging, has something for everybody and draws upon the individual quests’ inquisitiveness, creativity and skills.

    Note: The price quoted excludes cab costs. (Approx. £75 per hour per cab).

  • Crystal Mazed
    Crystal Mazed
    More Information & Pricing

    Crystal Mazed

    Inspired by the iconic show, Crystal Mazed is a challenging event requiring mental skill, physical ability and dexterity as teams compete to earn as many crystal rocks as possible to trade for time in the frantic finale.

    Using the information and equipment provided teams are required to complete a series of activities in three themed zones namely Aztec, Medieval and Industrial/Futuristic. A series of 4 themed challenges are available in each zone, designed to test your teams’ ability to nominate the best individual to triumph at the task at hand. With intriguing titles ranging from Chemical Imbalance to Xocolatl Pot each of the unique themed challenges have a Mental, Physical or Skill slant, requiring only a nominated player or the entire team to take part.


  • Bridging the Gap
    Bridging the Gap
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    Bridging the Gap

    Inspire your guests to achieve more as a group with this collaborative exercise. With blueprints and raw materials in hand, guests work as a cohesive force to build a scale model of a suspension bridge from timber and rivets. Communication, team work and role allocation are all challenged and improved with this fresh and unusual event.

    This event is particularly good for encouraging:
    Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving and Delegation 

  • Bigger Picture
    Bigger Picture
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    Bigger Picture

    If you thought you and your team weren't artists, then you'll need to think again! Working either as individuals or as part of a small team complete your own part of the picture before the whole is put together and revealed - Damien Hirst eat your heart out!

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Efficient use of resources, Communication and Teamwork.

  • Beat the Teacher
    Beat the Teacher
    More Information & Pricing

    Beat the Teacher

    Turn back the clock with an academically themed team challenge guaranteed to get the High School spirit in full flow! Put your forms through their paces in a fun selection of lessons designed to test problem solving, creative skills and general knowledge – strictly compared by our Head Teacher and faculty! And of course, if you have some problem students and the four core subjects just aren’t enough to stimulate them, our optional Detention Secret Dance Challenge will do the trick.

    This event is particularly good for encouraging:
    Teamwork, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving.

  • Up Your Street
    Up Your Street
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    Up Your Street

    Are you tougher than the Mitchell Brothers? Could you break up an argument in the Rovers return? Here’s your chance to shine! Each team scripts and films a portion of the episode drama ‘Up Your Street’.
    Following a simple synopsis each team will need to discuss and decide a viable storyline with the other teams before splitting off to film their segment. From thereon in the content is entirely up to each team, but it must contain at least three of the four quirky characters which make up the motley cast of ‘Up Your Street’. Continuity is key in this challenge as each team starts and finishes their film with exactly the same 2 lines of script, delivered by the relevant characters. Creativity and fun should shine through in each teams’ footage of maximum two minutes.
    We provide the cameras, costumes, hats and wigs whilst the teams supply the wit, quality acting skills, episode format and glamour! Good communication, collaboration, decision-making, innovation, humour and use of imagination are essential to produce the best episode you can!
    All the teams’ efforts will be stitched together and shown on a large screen at the conclusion of the event providing a hilarious finale!


  • Animation Innovation
    Animation Innovation
    More Information & Pricing

    Animation Innovation

    Create, film and edit an animation feature of your own in an unusual and highly creative session, stretching participants to communicate ideas in new ways whilst experiencing the benefit of a strong teamwork, planning and production exercise. Following an introduction to Stop Motion Animation techniques made popular by the incredible success of Aardman studio’s ‘Wallace & Gromit’, teams will be equipped with craft supplies, modelling clay and tools, corner studios and recording equipment before being tasked with creating, filming and editing a movie of their own.

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Efficient use of resources, Communication, Teamwork.

  • The Royal Heist
    The Royal Heist
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    The Royal Heist

    When Scotland Yard breaks the news that the Crown Jewels have been stolen, it’s up to you to step in to assist in recovering them! Teams use maps and GPS tablets to solve a series of clues to identify specific sites in the local area and travel to the spots either by foot or using their very own private black taxicab with driver. Once there evidence must be collected and used to unmask the culprit! Tasks range from code cracking to fingerprinting and artist's impressions.

    A fun and unique team experience, this event combines mental agility, intuitive leaps and good old fashioned footwork!

    Note: If the Black Cab option is chosen an additional charge will need to be added. (Approx. £75 per hour per cab).

  • Race to Success
    Race to Success
    More Information & Pricing

    Race to Success

    Teams design, construct and then race their man-powered pimped up kart against the opposition. All of the team must work together to design and construct their racing machine in this innovative team building event which involves design flair, creativity and driving skill.

    This event is particularly good for encouraging:
    Efficient use of resources, Teamwork, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving.

  • Cryptic Treasure Trail
    Cryptic Treasure Trail
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    Cryptic Treasure Trail

    This action packed journey into the unknown requires observation, concentration and communication. Available in either a car or foot based format teams must identify and visit the local sights solving cryptic clues along the way, but finding the answers at each location will require a little exploration and footwork!

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Time Management, Teamwork and Problem Solving.

  • Krypton Factor Indoors
    Krypton Factor Indoors
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    Krypton Factor Indoors

    Mental & physical challenges combine with team work as teams vie to be the best. Everyone can excel as teams compete in six challenging rounds of general knowledge, response, observation, mental agility, intelligence and physical ability. Communication and teamwork are key to achieve success in the Krypton Factor which is also available as an outdoor event including assault course style inflatables.

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Communication, Teamwork, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving.

  • Missing Link
    Missing Link
    More Information & Pricing

    Missing Link

    This event underlies the importance placed on separate units working within groups where the units are working towards the group's objective. Each unit completes their element of the group's overall objective & the event literally builds to a grand finale  where individual elements are brought together and the teams unite to achieve their common goal.

    This event is particularly good for encouraging:
    Problem Solving, Time Management, Communication and Teamwork.

  • Chocolatier's Apprentice
    Chocolatier's Apprentice
    More Information & Pricing

    Chocolatier's Apprentice

    Guests work in teams and are given a profile for their target consumer and are tasked with creating a box of chocolates that will appeal to their target market. This is an engaging, entertaining and creative event that has teams using a range of skills from creative thinking to budgeting, sales and marketing…all surrounded by chocolate!

    This event is particularly great at encouraging: 
    Leadership, Time Management, Creativity and Teamwork

  • Chocolate Factory Challenge
    Chocolate Factory Challenge
    More Information & Pricing

    Chocolate Factory Challenge

    Design, production, packaging and pricing are all parts of the Marketing Mix and in Chocolate Factory Challenge teams are tasked with developing their own range of mouth-watering chocolates for a specific market segment. An engaging and indulgent experience guaranteed to educate, stimulate and entertain. Hotel Chocolat here we come!

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Time Management, Teamwork, Creative Thinking and Efficient use of resources

  • Cast Away
    Cast Away
    More Information & Pricing

    Cast Away

    Guests work in teams on a rewarding tabletop based strategy and communication challenge which sees your teams attempt to survive and be rescued following a shipwreck on an unknown headland. Gaining water, food, weapons and information are all necessary to survive and make it home .... but can the team spot and share their resources in order to succeed?

    This event lasts upto 90 minutes.

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Strategy / Priority Setting, Communication, Teamwork and Collaboration

  • The Box
    The Box
    More Information & Pricing

    The Box

    Inspired by live escape room games, this is a fast and furious challenge as each team goes all out to successfully decode a master cryptic message to gain the means to open a mysterious padlocked box. Interpreting cryptic puzzles, spotting clues in the environment and mastering dexterity challenges are all important in this race against time. Available in a 60 or 90 minute format.

    This event is particularly good for encouraging:
    Time Management, Problem Solving and Teamwork

  • Creative Fusion
    Creative Fusion
    More Information & Pricing

    Creative Fusion

    Money making is the name of the game! Guests work in teams to earn cash for every creative and challenge oriented task depending upon their performance - as the team’s cash pot accumulates the tensions rise! Team work and communication are key in order to ensure that your team is the one that makes the most money.

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Leadership, Time Management, Creativity and Teamwork.

  • Zero Hour
    Zero Hour
    More Information & Pricing

    Zero Hour

    Teams must race against the ticking clock to obtain the highest winning score as guests work in teams to complete as many challenges as possible within the set timeframe. A fast moving, high energy competition where teams must race against the ticking clock to obtain the highest winning score before the counter reaches zero! This is a fast and furious event as each team goes all out to successfully complete as many of the 50 available challenges as possible within the set timeframe.

    This event is particularly good for encouraging:
    Leadership, Time Management, Creativity and Teamwork.

  • Bushcraft Survival Challenge
    Bushcraft Survival Challenge
    More Information & Pricing

    Bushcraft Survival Challenge

    Have you got what it takes to survive the great outdoors? This event challenges your guests to tackle a series of exciting outdoor Bush Survival skills. Our trained instructors will take your teams through their paces as the guests learn a spread of novel skills.


  • King's Challenge
    King's Challenge
    More Information & Pricing

    King's Challenge

    Teams compete in a series of tricky challenges in this regally themed team building event.  Each team or ‘village’ will compete to entertain the King - with the winning team being awarded one year’s exemption from the crippling King’s Annual Land Tax. 

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Communication, Teamwork and Problem Solving. 

  • Mission Control
    Mission Control
    More Information & Pricing

    Mission Control

    This is an explosive team event  guests design, build and launch a chemically powered two-stage rocket. Good time management and planning are integral to the design and build but creativity is required to make sure the teams rocket flies higher than the rest.

    This event is particularly good for encouraging:
    Time Management, Efficient use of resources, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving. 

  • Retro Rockets
    Retro Rockets
    More Information & Pricing

    Retro Rockets

    With some technical thinking and creative flair, teams design and build a water pressure powered rocket ready to be fired at the end of the event. Fun and involving for all team members this event will literally end on a high amidst gales of laughter.

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Time Management, Teamwork, Creative Thinking, and Efficient use of resources.

  • Rollercoaster
    More Information & Pricing


    Tasked with designing and building a rollercoaster out of limited materials your guests must work together in this interactive session to reach a common objective. Available as a team competition or as the whole group working together this event tests logic, creativity, team work and planning.

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Time Management, Communication and Teamwork.

  • Remastered
    More Information & Pricing


    Following in the footsteps of the great movie directors each team will be given a different iconic film to work with in order to re-enact their very own version of a famous movie scene.Armed with cameras, original scripts, props and costumes your teams’ communication and creativity skills are essential if they are to produce their own cinematic masterpiece!

    This event is particularly good for encouraging:
    Time Management, Teamwork, Creative Thinking and Leadership. 

  • Parachutes
    More Information & Pricing


    In a task designed to develop communication and teamwork, guests must work together to accurately control a giant parachute in a series of complex moves. With various games available this energiser can run in a competitive format if required.

    This event is a 10-60 minute Icebreaker so is particularly great at encouraging communication and raising energy levels.

  • Mexican Railway
    Mexican Railway
    More Information & Pricing

    Mexican Railway

    Taking it’s name from the Mexican Wave, this activity is perfect for breaking the ice or energising delegates at a conference. Groups receive all the necessary equipment for the assembly of a section of a railway designed to transport a ball. Sections completed, guests can either compete to see how  many balls they can get through their section within the allotted time without damaging their engineering! Alternatively they can work together with other teams to create one huge correctly functioning Mexican Railway.

    This event is a 10-60 minute Icebreaker so is particularly great at encouraging communication and raising energy levels. 

  • KDM Komponents
    KDM Komponents
    More Information & Pricing

    KDM Komponents

    Komponents uses brightly coloured materials which our instructors use as the medium to deliver activity based learning. Specifically designed for use in a limited space these activities are fun but develop skills which can be taken back to the workplace. We have a wide range of Komponents so please contact us to discuss your objectives and we can suggest an option to suit. 

    This event works as a 10-90 minute Icebreaker or Energiser and is particularly great at encouraging Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving and Efficient use of resources.

  • Insights Discovery Profiling
    Insights Discovery Profiling
    More Information & Pricing

    Insights Discovery Profiling

    The Insights Discovery Profile paints an incredible picture of how we think, act, and work, and is highly relevant to all personal and team development. Every profile is unique and includes personalised information about the individual and how they relate to others. A useful tool for new teams or helping established teams work more effectively together.

    Learning objectives for this style of training are set prior to the event according to your specific goals.

  • Human Bingo
    Human Bingo
    More Information & Pricing

    Human Bingo

    Human Bingo is a twist on the original and a great game for getting people to interact and get to know each other. 

    Rather than numbers they must tick off, each guest will be given a bingo card which shows interesting facts – and the challenge is on to try to find those amongst your guests who may have done/can do one of those things! Can you find anyone who "Can say hello in 3 languages and demonstrate” or owns a Spice Girls album? As always, the first person to fill their card yells ‘Bingo’!

    This event is a 10-30 minute Icebreaker so is particularly great at encouraging communication and raising energy levels. 

  • Facilitation
    More Information & Pricing


    Our expert facilitators will work with you from the start to build your event around what you need to achieve. When we have fully understood your goals, our instructors and facilitators will design your event to bring out the outcomes you are seeking. On the day the facilitators will help to set up, observe group and individual interactions and instigate discussions.

    Learning objectives for this style of training are set prior to the event according to your specific goals.

  • Creative Challenges
    Creative Challenges
    More Information & Pricing

    Creative Challenges

    Designed to be hands on and involving all team members Creative Challenges develop team skills which can be taken back to the office but are also very enjoyable. We have a wide range of Creative Challenges so please contact us to discuss your objectives and we can recommend the best combination solution. 

    This event is a 10-60 minute Icebreaker and is particularly great at encouraging Teamwork, Creative Thinking and Efficient use of resources.

  • Bugsy Malone
    Bugsy Malone
    More Information & Pricing

    Bugsy Malone

    Guests are transported back to the reign of the ‘Mob’ as they re-enact musical scenes from the classic Sir Alan Parker movie, “Bugsy Malone”. Each team is allocated a main musical number from the film which they rehearse and perform in front of the whole group.

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Communication and Teamwork

  • Body Percussion
    Body Percussion
    More Information & Pricing

    Body Percussion

    An invigorating session incorporating songs, body warm-up, singing, counting rhythms, clapping and stamping as our staff facilitate guests as they make music in a high energy, light-hearted event which will ensure everyone is invigorated.

    This event is a 10-60 minute Icebreaker so is particularly great at encouraging communication and raising energy levels.

  • Great Antiques Quiz
    Great Antiques Quiz
    More Information & Pricing

    Great Antiques Quiz

    Hosted by our resident expert who comes armed with an array of antique artefacts your guests will take part in various antique related challenges. Educational and fun this event will involve your guests in a fun and challenging competition.

    This event is particularly great at encouraging:
    Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving and Leadership.

  • The F1 Method
    The F1 Method
    More Information & Pricing

    The F1 Method

    The F1 Method is one of the country’s most innovative, stunning and exciting team events available. This team building event uses the model of an F1 team as an intensive bonding and coordination exercise. Under the pressured scenario of a race day, your teams must race, change tyres, record response times and devise their marketing strategy … all the while with one eye on the competitions' times!


  • Ice Sculpting
    Ice Sculpting
    More Information & Pricing

    Ice Sculpting

    After a demonstration, guests will start carving their own ice block to creat their own ice creation. Highly original and great if you are looking for ‘something different’ this event is facinating, fun and provides some surprising results!

    This event lasts upto 90 minutes.

    This event is particularly good for encouraging:
    Teamwork and Creative Thinking.

  • Boomwhacker Blast
    Boomwhacker Blast
    More Information & Pricing

    Boomwhacker Blast

    Boomwhackers - brightly coloured musical tubes - this noisy, high energy event will have energy levels soaring in a session designed to quickly transform your guests into a pulsating beat band.

    This event is a 10-60 minute Icebreaker so is particularly great at encouraging communication and raising energy levels.  

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Team building ideas? We have loads!

Team Building

If you wish to develop and explore business issues including time management, communication, teamwork, use of resources, creative thinking, delegation or problem solving, we have the experience and events to achieve your objectives.

We will listen to your objectives and the learning points you wish to draw from your team building and produce a tailored solution from our wide portfolio of proven team building events.

If however the event is simply a fun session we'll make suggestions for the perfect event.

Team Building News

Gamification: Trending or Distracting?


Here at KDM, we invest a great deal of time into our future by way of research and development, we’re often looking for ways to ensure we’re ahead of trends in the industry, setting trends through innovation and keeping a close eye on any relevant developments in UK business as a whole to ensure we have the best possible understanding of our clients’ needs and even restrictions.

Trends are important to every business, understanding them is key to ensuring that you keep pace with your industry and events are no exception. We’ve been delivering successful events for 25 years and over that period we’ve seen many trends come and go, surrounded in buzzwords and TLAs, some have developed and become standard practice in event management but some, it would seem, are little more than one salesman’s quick response to a difficult question that escalated rather quickly taking on a life of its own.

The one we’ve been watching particularly in 2016 is ‘Gamification’: the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.

Gamification is not new, it is part of that we’ve been doing for years and this year it seems to be becoming a gimmick serving only to help brush over the important aspects of event management and delivery that event organisers are actually looking for an open dialogue on. The elements of game playing which are part of our team building activities and corporate entertainment events are important, but nowhere near as important as the objectives for the event and measuring an events performance against them.

Engaging delegates at an event is imperative to the overall success, but if only the method is engaging and not the content or the result, reporting back to the Head of Finance and/or HR on the tangible benefits that investment has produced, could be a difficult task.

Our mission is to discover the objectives set by every event organiser who comes to us and with that information provide an event which will help to achieve the goals that led to the decision to hold the event in the first place, and we do that by getting to know our clients and their business, providing free measurement tools with every team building activity we deliver and following up with intelligent analysis on how well the event performed.

If you’re looking to organise an event with the aim of increasing sales, establishing a new set of company values, improving team communication in order to speed up day to day processes or educating staff in preparation for the launch of a new product, get in touch with us – you can be confident that the relevant methods and technology will be a part of your experience while a professional focus is maintained on the objectives you need to meet in order to ensure you’re achieving the best possible results.

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Corporate Team Building Event: The Crystal Mazed Mobile Experience

We’ve all been there! It’s your annual Conference and Company Party, you’ve spent the day discussing how brilliantly you all performed last year (which is why you’re here getting treated like royalty in this fabulous location) and finding out about the great new ideas the Company is going to be moving forward with.

Cue, team building activity to cement the great working relationships you’ve built and generate new levels of company values and trust. The day’s enjoyable and team spirit is at an all time high, and you know what to expect from the team building event ahead… or do you?

This team were very pleasantly surprised to learn upon arrival at the outdoor activity field, that this year, their team building event was to be quite the new experience!

Following the high-profile launch of Central London’s The Crystal Maze Experience, the Event Organisers had sourced KDM’s The Crystal Mazed Mobile Experience to come to them, all of the problem solving, time pressure and cash grabbing frenzy of the classic TV show was right here at their annual conference to set the fun, competitive tone of the day and re-energise the team ready for an evening of corporate entertainment.

The success of The Crystal Mazed comes down to the way it was designed & developed, to be completely mobile. Very few delegates expect to leave their conference room and find the Aztec, Medieval & Industrial / Futuristic Zones set up on it’s doorstep with a custom built Cash Grabber providing the finale to outdo all finales!

Following on from their day navigating the maze to arrive in the Cash Grabber catching as many golden tickets as possible in 60 seconds, the excited team had some lovely feedback about the event to share:

“Last week went great – everyone loved it so thank you so much for it all . . .”

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the events last Thursday. They LOVED Crystal Mazed, they really liked that it was a mix of physical & mental activities & they loved the cash grabber finale (apart from Ann, she got disqualified!) ”

It’s not surprising The Crystal Mazed has become so popular, it’s been all over the UK in recent weeks including appearances at Cranage Hall in Cheshire, Burnham Beeches Hotel in Buckinghamshire, Cambridge, Birmingham even down to Surrey.

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting mobile team building event like the Crystal Mazed, get in touch with us for more information.

The Crystal Mazed Mobile Experience Team Building Activity Load the cannon!

The Crystal Mazed Mobile Team Building Activity Experience for Corporate Team Building Events

Enter the Futuristic Zone

The Crystal Mazed Mobile Experience Team Building Activity

Cash grabber finale!

The Kings Guard

The Kings Guard

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SMART thinking in event planning

Here at KDM we like to think that the question being asked by event organisers up and down the land is – what do we want to achieve from our event?  Because setting objectives should be the baseline of any event planning process.

And by achievement, we’re not talking about the event coming in on budget.  Or the speakers all turning up.  Or even the audience delivering a deafening round of applause.  Important though all of these elements are, they’re not the business needs that sparked the decision to hold the event in the first place.

In the case of a product launch or the announcement of organisational change, it’s fairly straightforward to define objectives – in terms of sales uplift or reduction in factory time. But annual conferences with no clear driving mission tend to behave like rudderless ships.

Some planners, when put on the spot to identify objectives, will pluck a random theme out of the sky. Others lay down a lengthy wish-list, hoping that the more goals they come up with, the more impressive the event will appear.

But there’s no point in setting objectives unless they’re aligned to the business plan, and there’s a genuine intention to achieve them.  And there’s no point in setting them at all without a post-event process to measure to what degree they were met.

And here’s the rub:  it takes time and effort to adopt this strategic approach.  In fact, it’s a great help to sit down at planning stage with an external facilitator who can help guide the thinking.  A number of our clients have sought KDM’s assistance in this area, and found it useful.

This is where SMART goals can be helpful.  People choose different definitions for this acronym, but the most popular are:  Strategic, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound – and once all of these questions have been honestly addressed you can be sure that you have the right objective that stands a reasonable chance of being achieved, with the processes in place to monitor, measure and adjust the onward journey.

To discuss how we can assist with SMART thinking & the overall success of your next conference, please contact the team here at KDM for a no-obligation discussion.

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Adding values


Team building activities are a great way of helping embed new values as part of an organisational rebrand. But don’t just take our word for it…

About our client
A new client for KDM, this financial services organisation was looking to create an extra level of communication for its annual Away Day. The organisation was rebranding and launching new values that needed to be understood and embraced by, its staff.

The brief
Our mission was to devise a suite of team building activities for the 200-strong work force, directly linked to the organisation’s three new values: Collaborative, Challenging and Accountable.  These would form the core content of the Away Day – taking place at 155 Bishopsgate, one of London’s state-of-the-art conference and event venues.

To boost interaction and engagement, a competitive element to the activities would provide the content for an awards presentation to round-off the day.

KDM’s Response
We split participants into three groups that would in-turn experience three distinct team building activities, each tailored to bring-out the organisation’s new values.  These were ‘Harmonize’ – a session where the teams were trained by vocal coaches to become a choir, providing the ultimate Collaborative experience.  To Challenge them, the second session gave the groups a series of creative tasks incorporating business outcomes and calling for planning capability and logic.  Reflecting the third value, Accountable, teams competed against a ticking clock, having chosen their own challenges from a menu of 50 options carrying varying degrees of complexity and weighted score values.

The grand finale saw the three groups come together to sing ‘Dancing in the Street’ with perfect harmony achieved – in all senses of the word. Ending the day on a high, the awards presentation provided a joyous celebration of the groups’ successes.


The participants experienced their organisation’s new values in an atmosphere of fun and positivity.

Our client’s early apprehension at working with KDM for the first time was allayed by the careful attention given at planning stage by our event manager, enabling him to fully understand and interpret the brief.  In describing our team as “motivated and professional”, the client said they “created real excitement to each activity” on the day.

PS: With a scant 20-minute window to unload equipment into the venue, KDM’s event delivery team successfully beat its own logistics challenge!

(read more...)

  • Team Building Indoors, Outdoors and Icebreakers

    Team Building Indoors, Outdoors and Icebreakers

    From light-hearted fun to more focused team and personal development, we have a range of Team Building and corporate events to meet every need.

    Fun Team Bonding
    Time Management
    Use of Resources
    Creative Thinking
    Problem Solving

    Indoor Events

    If you have a tight schedule for your meeting or conference, holding your team event indoors enables you to have a fast turnaround giving you better use of your available time.

    KDM has developed a range of indoor events designed specifically with this in mind. These will keep the team within your conference and meeting room - and will keep you well away from the elements!

    For more information our Indoor Events page will give you an indication of the many options on offer and the Learning Objectives they can bring out.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the solution to meet your objectives and keep you within budget.

    Outdoor Events

    If you wish to take a fresh air break to re-energise and relax as part of your conference or meeting KDM can work with you to choose the right event to:

    suit your meeting objectives
    develop your business message
    improve team communication
    ... and make the most of the sunshine

    For more information our Outdoor Events page will give you ideas as to how you might achieve your team event objectives or alternatively call us to discuss the solution to meet both your objectives and your budget.

    Ice Breakers and Energisers

    Ice breakers and conference energisers are a great way to get people talking to each other, put a group at ease and build trust whether at a small meeting or a large seminar. Each ice breaker is designed to complement your conference and meeting programme to ensure that it delivers the maximum benefit for your company and your staff.

    These ice breakers are intended to energise and invigorate your guests, giving them the opportunity to benefit from a break in the conference schedule, refocus their concentration and get to know their colleagues in a cooperative environment - all whilst having lots of fun.

    For more information our Ice Breaker Team Building page will give you ideas as to how you might achieve your team building objectives, please call us to discuss the solutions which will meet both your objectives and budget.

  • Team Building Indoors

    Ideas for Indoor Events

    With the UK's unpredictable climate and a large number of event venues having little or no outdoor space for activity events there are many advantages to holding your event indoors. Here are outline details of just a few of our event ideas:


    Race to Success

    'Race to Success' is a fantastic, fun filled indoor team activity event designed to get teams working together and improve team communication. Involving elements of design, innovation, creativity and money management; each of your guests will find an area to excel in and 'Race to Success' can form a fun element of any corporate training or team development programme. From an initial budget, teams decide how much to spend on creating their own team kit car and which type of parts they want to buy. Decisions must be made as to the method of propulsion, power, wheels, frame and accessories! Each team then builds a human powered vehicle from the parts they have selected. Race to Success is based around construction and simple mechanics where teams build cars as well as building teams. Comprising design, skill and creativity this indoor team building event culminates in an inter team competition - but teams require no automotive or engineering skills.


    Catwalk Challenge

    In the fantasy world of fashion, you will be encouraged to push your innovative skills to the max in this indoor team activity event that challenges working as a team, creativity, planning and design. As a group you will be briefed to design, create and model your own corporate look for next year's collection.


    The Apprentice

    An indoor or outdoor team event that sees each person acting as an integral member of a team to succeed, but there can only be one winner. Undertaking a series of challenging tasks, the 'Project Manager' must take responsibility for each task and then perform within the team in a bid to secure victory. It doesn't matter whether you are a project manager, accountant, designer or sales executive, no matter what your role, you definitely do not want to hear those dreaded words ... "You're Fired!" In this fast moving team building event which can either be indoors or outdoors it's every man and woman for themself in this race to win the ultimate accolade, as you do battle to become 'The Apprentice'. Undertaking a series of team activities, head to head against your rivals, guests work as a team in a bid to secure victory and avoid facing the firing line. Whilst there can only be one overall winner this is a fantastic corporate team event bringing out the best in every participant.


    Perfume Studio

    The chance to create your very own signature fragrance is a fantastic opportunity and the perfect gift to reward teams of hardworking staff or a group of valued customers. Both fun and creative, participants can make both male or female fragrances and every guest leaves with a bottle of their very own creation.


    Project: Save the Nation

    A strategic planning event that sees teams assume responsibility for the recovery and development of a fictitious nation subsequent to a natural disaster. Working in teams, groups are tasked to play to their strengths on their journey to plan and implement each phase of their nationwide improvement programme.


    Breaking News - The News Team

    A fast moving indoor filming corporate event where each team will write, produce and film a mix of studio or location stories. Divided into teams it is your job to create a short pilot episode for the next generation of revolutionary news reporting to hit our screens.


    Chain Reaction

    Chain Reaction is a corporate team activity event with both team communication and inter-team cooperation necessary for success. Created to test the communication abilities of teams of individuals, Chain Reaction brings natural leaders to the fore whilst emphasising the benefits of collective input and the power of teamwork. Underlining the importance placed on groups working as separate units, Chain Reaction literally builds to a grand finale where the teams unite towards their common goal - a vital piece of corporate training. Designed as an indoor team building event able to take place in your conference or meeting room, Chain Reaction is a unique, memorable high quality event. This event encourages individuals to look at problem solving from a group perspective and develops positive thinking and team communication in a cooperative environment.


    The Bigger Picture - the Ideal Conference Event

    Designed to sit comfortably within your conference or meeting environment, 'The Bigger Picture' provides an excellent team communication event for the entire group. Drawing on the delegates' conceptual and spatial talents, this is a high quality event. The group is split into small teams with each team member receiving a small section of a large unseen picture. The small image must be scaled up and reproduced where it forms an integral part of the Bigger Picture. This team building activity emphasises the need for clear and accurate individual and inter- team communication, encouraging teams to work together knowing that everybody has played an important part in creating 'The Bigger Picture'.


    Magazine Mogul - Perfect for Conferences and Meetings

    Magazine Mogul is a highly interactive and creative indoor team activity event. Each team must create the headlines, shoot the pictures and use their journalistic flair to reinvent the stories, stretch the truth and create a magazine layout to be proud of. You are the new team combining the design, copy and photographic departments of the company magazine but you have just 90 minutes before your print deadline in which you have to create a whole front page and fill the cover with the fascinating copy for which your magazine is famous. Using digital cameras, laptops and the press pack provided, your team needs to pull together a front page of epic proportions - and fast! You'll need plenty of spin to get your stories sizzling and your rag flying off the news-stand! Creative and perfect for either a meeting, conference or corporate training supported by our trained event staff to help pull the technical side together. Magazine Mogul can be as light-hearted as you wish but it does deliver a real message on working together to all of the team.


    Stars in Your Eyes

    A perfect idea for a corporate team building activity where you re-create your cover of a well-known classic. Each team will be provided with 20 varied songs to choose from as their backing track for the evening's performance and will have members of KDM staff on hand to assist with tune selection, lyrics, backing tracks and choreography! After performances have been meticulously polished this event moves into the evening for a fantastic night's corporate entertainment where your guests enter their dining room on the Red Carpet entrance, passing between the rope barriers to meet the exploding flashlights of the paparazzi and feel like real pop stars! We have a glittering selection of table dressing options including table linens, stunning centrepieces and table accessories to further enhance the dining room setting at your event venue where after dinner, your compere will ask each act in turn to take centre stage to perform 'live' to their audience. After the last act has performed the audience will vote on the best of the bands and the winners will perform one more time to the applause of their adoring public!

    Glittering awards statues will be presented to the best performers on the evening along with a bottle of Champagne for the winning at the high point of this fantastic team activity event.


    Shopping Telly Superstars

    A frantic indoor team event for those who believe they could sell ice to an Eskimo. Well, prove it, in this fast paced action packed battle to be the team that can create the ultimate sales programme. With the increasing popularity of digital television and the convenience of home shopping, the cut throat world of sales comes to the small screen. KDM Productions have a space in their programming schedule for a brand new channel. Divided into teams, team communication is vital as it is your job is to script, film and present a pilot sales program, showcasing one of a range of your products in a shopping channel style.


    Rags to Riches

    The ultimate fast paced inter-team competition. The stakes are high as teams gamble to become multi-millionaires. Light hearted and great fun, each round provides the opportunity to win or lose a fortune in a frenzy of activity. This indoor event takes the format of a series of head to head games with teams successively competing against each other. Rags to Riches is designed to build teams whilst having fun in a highly competitive format. A popular conference event, the stakes are high as teams gamble to become multi-millionaires with each round providing the opportunity to win or lose a fortune in a frenzy of team activity. Strategically gambling their hoard of Euros, the pressure is on - to beat the opposition and build a bigger bankroll.


    Road to Rio

    Road to Rio is a fast moving and energizing rhythmic ice breaker or team building event that quickly transforms a group of musical novices into a pulsating Samba Beat Band. In no time at all your meeting or conference will be a room full of smiles as your energy levels soar in this never to be forgotten experience. Our Drum Master and his team soon have everyone 'En Route to Rio'. The beats merge and the tempo mounts as you form exciting rhythms from our multitude of amazing drums and percussion instruments. Perfect for a meeting ice breaker or energiser this conference event sweeps everyone on a whirlwind trip to the world of rhythm where even the most musically challenged are swept along in a performance they could never imagine as they swing and sway to the Samba beat. With drumming skills mastered there is only one thing to do - join together as this collaborative event reaches its climax and the tempo climbs as the group creates a roof-raising crescendo 'The Road to Rio'!


    Make it a Reality

    We all remember the winners and the losers, as reality shows have rapidly taken over the television schedules. We've had Strictly Come Dancing and a raft of others but now KDM Productions have a space in their portfolio of programmes for a brand new event which can take place indoors at your meeting or event venue. Divided into teams it is your job to create a short video pilot episode for the next generation of reality based televisual entertainment to hit our screens. A fast paced activity for all the team where taxed with a strict production budget to secure the best that the wardrobe and props department has to offer, each team must write, film and star in the reality show of their choice.

  • Ideas for Team Building Outdoors

    KDM Events has developed a range of outdoor team building events and activities designed to enable your team to enjoy the fresh air and work together in a different environment in a corporate event chosen to help you meet your business objectives. All of these events can take place either at your conference or meeting venue or at a wide range of conveniently situated venues in the UK - and we will be pleased to make recommendations of the activity event possibilities and possible event locations.

    No matter what activity event you choose KDM Events will ensure that you get a positive return on your investment and, whatever the weather, KDM's experienced and trained event team will deliver a successful event helping to motivate your team to work better together and achieve that sense of common purpose necessary to attain your corporate goals.

    An infinite number of event venues and alternatives are available and whether it be slightly physical team activities or more mentally challenging outdoor team activities, KDM will help your team to bond, unite and strengthen their communication.

    Away Day Team Building Events

    Your away day can include elements from KDM’s outdoor team building events in a team competition environment with guests working together to achieve a common objective. The activities provided are varied and require differing skill sets to achieve success and the mix ensures that each of your guests can make a significant contribution to the team effort. The challenges are demanding, achievable, interesting and fun and will require both thought and action and whilst on some of the challenges a little physical effort may be required they will not be physically demanding. Teams tackle each challenge within a time constraint and points are awarded to the team according to the degree of success they achieve on each event. The team building competition is great fun to win but just as much fun to participate in with scoring devised so that the competitive can compete whilst those who simply wish to enjoy the day can do so. Our style can be as relaxed or as focused as you require with the emphasis on involvement and participation. We will ensure that each of your guests enjoy their away day whilst enjoying the benefits of team building enabling them to form a more effective work unit.

    How Corporate Away Days Work

    Away Days can include components from country sports, inflatable activities and team building events to create memorable events to suit all abilities and objectives. Your party will be divided into teams and will move around the venue experiencing all activities and challenges in this exciting team event which is presented in a competitive team format. KDM’s corporate events and away days are all high quality events with the emphasis placed on each guest being involved as an integral member of the team with momentum maintained throughout the event and with the enjoyment and safety of your guests as our primary objective.

    Country Sports Corporate Events

    A fun and relaxing corporate event in which we will provide activities from a range of traditional Country Sports with each of your guests fully involved in a mix of activities from laser clay shooting and archery to duck herding. Our fully trained and experienced staff are accustomed to instructing groups varying from the inexperienced to the regular shooter - great fun in your away day.

    School Sports Activity Event

    As an alternative as summer is here get outside and enjoy the fresh air for a bit of team building with a difference! Experience the fun and laughter of a traditional school Sports Day by participating in a light hearted recreation of those bygone carefree days of school life!

    KDM will transfer your guests back in time in a corporate event guaranteed to bring back some fond memories. Years of corporate activity - whether swotting away at a desk, patrolling the playgrounds of the world or struggling through yet another business lunch - will have perfectly prepared them for such a day as this ... basically, if they have a pair of trainers and suitable sports clothing they're in the team - it's as simple as that. No need to break into a sweat either, as we organise the entire day of team building leaving you free to drink tea in the staff room before basking in the glory of prize giving.

    Your corporate event will include traditional school sports activities, which require little or no skill but more importantly a strong commitment to joining in and having fun with your colleagues. A little effort may be required on some of the activities, but they will not be too physically demanding! Just when your guests think it is all over, teams will be invited to compete in the 'Stress Ball Embrace'. It's a cheeky event that brings you closer to your colleagues!

    Quest for the Best

    Quest for the Best is an outdoor team activity event where the tasks set are demanding, achievable, interesting and fun and will require both thought and action.

    Members of each team work together to achieve a common objective and we will involve all of your guests in an interesting and exciting Team Challenge Event. Based on skill and speed it's great fun to win but just as much fun to participate as our style is relaxed with the emphasis very much on fun and teamwork. We will devise the scoring so that the competitive can compete whilst those who simply wish to enjoy the day can do so and your party will be divided into equal teams and will then undertake a series of team challenges. Teams gain points according to the degree of success on each challenge and this event requires the members of each team to work together to achieve a common objective using the information and equipment supplied. Whilst on some of the exercises a little physical effort may be required, none will be physically demanding.

    We will do our very best to ensure that each of your guests enjoys themselves and whilst being encouraged to 'have a go' no-one should feel under any pressure to take part. The event concludes with the Grand Finale as teams launch their Rockets and Catapults into the outer reaches of the stratosphere in a space race to gain those vital extra points.

    Cryptic Treasure Trail

    This action-packed team event is a journey into the unknown and requires observation, concentration, communication - and some shopping! - as teams attempt to bring back the answers to a frustratingly fiendish set of cunning clues. Don't worry though, it's not a race and you do get a map! Along the way, teams will be required to:
    Identify a series of cryptic locations
    Find and solve a number of clues
    Complete a photo shoot
    Acquire the items on a bargain hunt list
    Complete a puzzle round.

    Using a local map, each team must solve a series of clues to identify specific locations. Whilst this is not too hard, finding the answers at each location will require a little imagination, exploration and either driving or footwork! Each team will be expected to complete the trail within a set time - and although there are no points awarded for finishing early, you'll lose them for returning late! The Cryptic Treasure Trail is not intended as a race, nor indeed should it be considered as a leisurely pub crawl! It is however a super way to get guests working as a team as they strive to complete their mission. Car and foot based versions are available and this corporate event is fun for either team work or corporate entertainment.

    Spy Academy

    A fast gun, a swift mind and a charming smile! These are just some of the attributes you must acquire if you wish to graduate as a fully-fledged secret agent in the Spy Academy. Your guests will be superheroes for the day, pitting their minds, imagination, knowledge and cunning against dastardly enemy agents in order to survive, complete their training and achieve 007 status. Spy Academy is designed for maximum team participation with little physical demands enabling all guests to enjoy the team activities provided. But be warned - cunning and subterfuge are vital skills if you want to earn your place amongst the elite. The event begins in the central briefing area where each team is issued with 'TOP SECRET' background information. Intelligence, skill and no small amount of luck are needed to help you see through the deception and deliberate misinformation as you follow the trail of clues whilst competing in a mix of indoor and outdoor team activities. Scoring is achieved by retrieving counterfeit cash through the successful completion of the many different elements of your training; only the team with the highest score will graduate from the Spy Academy and be presented with the official 'Secret Agent' medal of honour.

    Ransom - Rescue the Boss!

    This year's conference is no repeat of last year's - the Chief Executive is being held to 'Ransom'! Nothing will be the same again, as you are forced to watch a message from your Chief Executive who has been taken hostage in a fiendish moneymaking plot! Can the team raise the necessary cash in time to ransom him back - or indeed do they want him back? The stakes are high in this fast moving, fun filled team building event.

    Our ruthless gang of kidnappers will issue their demands, having whisked their helpless captive away to a secret location to await the ransom deadline. Help is at hand however in the form of your team, who will work to raise the ransom money. We will set your teams a series of indoor and outdoor challenges to complete, with cash awarded to every team that can successfully complete each of the team challenges. The pressure is on - to complete as many tasks as possible, gaining as much money as they can along the way to release the hostage.

    Mission Control - an event with a Bang!

    Mission Control involves all your guests in an interesting and demanding indoor and outdoor team event. Each member of the team must contribute to this team exercise to contribute in the design, build and launch of a large chemically powered two-stage rocket - with up to 300 feet of vertical lift possible. Teams select from their kit to construct their Rocket - which can be over one metre tall and whilst no test flights are permitted our event staff will be on hand to answer any technical questions. Bonus points are awarded for design and artistic creativity. The event concludes as teams fire their Rockets from the launch pad to the stars to the accompaniment of space themed music and fanfares.

    Corporate Events and Inflatable Fun

    As part of their corporate events KDM Events offer a wide range of giant inflatable games that can be booked as either stand alone activities or as part of larger events. No matter what your age or ability there is something for everyone. Whether you're battling head to head on the Gladiator Joust, competing as a team on the pitch in the Space Hopper Football or trying to topple your opponent on the Last Man Standing, each inflatable is colourful and great to watch but most of all is fun!

    Out of Office Olympics

    Out of Office Olympics is a highly visual and entertaining outdoor team activity event using large inflatable games. Each team competes head to head on each activity, trying to maximise their score before moving onto the next game. The emphasis is on participation, interaction and laughter.

    The Out of Office Olympics places the emphasis very much on participation, interaction and laughter. Each of the games will be explained and supervised by our team of trained instructors. Fun is our number one priority, safety is our prime concern. Having been divided into teams, the event commences with everyone participating in a lively aerobic warm up session, delivered and demonstrated by our own in house dance team! After bodies have been warmed and muscles gently stretched, teams will move to their first game. These have been carefully and imaginatively designed to enable full participation by everyone regardless of their sporting and fitness levels - or indeed the complete lack of either! Each team competes on one activity at a time, trying to maximize their score before moving ahead. Scores will be recorded from each game - a running total is kept throughout the competition.

    Your teams will enjoy competing on each of the games that are tantalizingly titled as follows: Bottom Line, Stuffed Dummy, Euro Tunnel, Mouse Trap, Sacked, Missing Link, Basketball, Lacrosse, In a Squeeze, Ski Slalom, Shoot Out, Beaujolais Run and Human Table Football. Six of these team building games will involve large inflatables and all require a mixture of skill, dexterity, luck, enthusiasm and plenty of teamwork. If however you simply want fun then Out of Office Olympics is great entertainment!

  • Icebreakers and Energisers

    Icebreakers and Energisers

    At a small meeting or a large seminar, icebreakers and energisers are a great way to get people talking to each other, put a group at ease and build trust. Our Icebreaker activities are designed to complement conference programmes to ensure they deliver the maximum benefit for your company and your staff. They are designed to energise and invigorate your guests, giving them the opportunity to benefit from a break in the schedule, re-focus concentration and get to know and work as a team with their colleagues in a co-operative environment and in an essential conference break. Whilst all of our team activities encourage the development of skills that can be taken back to the workplace they are ultimately designed to be rewarding experiences for all.

    Conference Energisers and Ice Breakers

    KDM's ice breakers and energisers are delivered by our full-time presenters and facilitators. These energisers and ice breakers normally last from between ten minutes to one hour depending upon the objectives your conference or activity session is intended to achieve. At the start of your meeting or at the opening of your conference an ice breaker will set the tone for the whole event and at critical points during the conference an energiser will re-invigorate your delegates and re-focus everyone's attention upon the meeting programme. Ice breakers and energisers as part of your conference management package keep energy levels high and keep attention focussed throughout your conference.

    An energiser can act as a fantastic finale to wrap up the part of your meeting where you've been communicating your most important messages. Ice breakers and energisers create a fun and uplifting environment in which people feel comfortable getting involved; energisers and Ice breakers involve everyone in an amusing and simple activity event where they work to achieve a common goal. A hint of competition adds an element of excitement and anticipation and the event will put a smile on everyone's face and generate interest and conversation because delegates are doing something unexpected. The outcome is a sessison which gives your conference the edge because it is different to the norm.

    Outcomes from Energisers and Ice Breakers

    Energisers and ice breakers help build teams and reinforce your conference and corporate messages on the level that you choose - whether it's subliminal or more obvious. Physical movement is proven to waken interest by changing people's mental state and your meeting audience will absorb more information when you hold their interest and keep their attention. The more interaction at your meeting the more participants will remember and take away from the experience as people listen more carefully to what you're saying when they're energised. People also retain the information you've given them for much longer when they have become involved in the delivery itself and people take more ownership when they see themselves as an integral part of what is happening around them. The energy and unity of your conference delegates can be directed towards a purpose that reflects and reinforces your conference message and by incorporating your message into your ice breaking activity you trigger people's interest, you capture their attention and you make a lasting impression. They form an excellent forum for team communication and help to promote lively discussion and debate around your key messages. A carefully chosen ice breaker as part of your conference management planning will reinforce your message and allows people to share knowledge, ideas and information that focuses on the topic of your choice leaving guests with something shared and interesting to talk about.

    The result is that your entire audience is revitalised, feels a sense of togetherness and everyone has become physically, mentally and emotionally involved by participating and contributing to your conference.

    The Networking Benefits of Ice Breakers

    People tend to stand around and chat over drinks with people they already know - few people make an extra effort to talk to someone they don't know. Well organised ice breaker activities improve networking rather than simply leaving people to their own devices and the business outcome to chance. People at conferences meet new colleagues and get to know more about them when the networking is formatted for them as people connect with each other and have something meaningful to talk about without feeling uncomfortable. You have spent a lot of money and invested a lot of time on your meeting or conference in getting people together - spending a little more on energisers and ice breakers greatly improves the whole return on your total investment. Whenever you have got a group of people together, whether it's a dozen or a thousand people, an ice breaker or energiser that is professionally organised achieves much more in communication and team interaction than leaving things to happen by chance. The result is that your whole group becomes more united, more animated, more enthusiastic and more productive.

    Crystal Maze

    Designed to take place in your conference room, Crystal Maze is a unique indoor team building activity. Each team must work closely to complete their individual component part of the overall group objective. As the teams interpret the separate and disparate elements of their brief, they each build a module that will ultimately interconnect with those of the other teams to create an unbroken chain reaction. Within this activity there are a number of roles that must be allocated and teams who create a plan of action are usually more successful and contribute more to the overall outcome than the teams who plough full steam ahead into the challenge. The co-operation between the teams and the resulting outcome highlights the importance of inter-departmental communication.

    KDM Komponents

    Short, sharp and fun, these indoor ice breaker activities utilise colourful, tactile components designed specifically for conferences and meetings and use on tabletops or in limited spaces. Your guests will take part in small teams to tackle a range of enjoyable and challenging team exercises. Designed to be hands on and involving all team members, the activities enable our instructors to deliver activity based learning, which is both enjoyable and has impact. They are the perfect solution to team communication and team interaction, combining an active approach with a well structured ice breaker for discussion, feedback and action planning. There are a total of thirty six activities available within the KDM Komponents portfolio that are designed to provide powerful, effective activities for team development and conference breakout sessions. These activities are intended to replicate real workplace situations and require delegates to get involved, discuss and to understand how to improve their performance and transfer their learning into the workplace.


    A great conference or meeting activity session involving your whole group using brightly coloured parachutes as an ice breaker, energiser or closing activity. The parachute is the definitive simple conference energiser and yet so effective in its results with teams communicating and working together in a fun, non-threatening environment. This team activity works well both indoors and outdoors with a range of corporate activities that promote team communication, cooperation and interaction.

    Boomwhacker Blast

    Boomwhackers are brightly coloured tubes that are tuned to musical notes and are played by 'whacking' the ground or other solid surface. In no time at all our instructors will have energy levels soaring, a room full of smiles and your group ready for an experience to be remembered. The boomwhackers make fantastic instruments and this indoor team event is a great example of what groups can achieve when working together. It encourages effective co-operation rather than competition, breaks down barriers and promotes team communication.

    Body Percussion

    Body percussion is a great music based activity event that is ideal for starting a meeting or conference and is an effective way of communicating conference messages. Our staff will facilitate a fun filled musical team session where delegates will use their bodies to make rhythms and music. The session incorporates songs, body warm up, singing and rhythmic counting, clapping and stamping rhythms - all delivered in a light hearted manner that ensures everyone is well and truly invigorated. Through this body percussion event you will build mutual respect, open yourselves to others, strengthen teamwork and experience success together. It will also create a sense of unity and understanding of other participants.

    Retro Rocket Ice Breaker

    Teams must summon every scrap of creativity and resourcefulness they possess in order to build a rocket capable of beating the competition. This combination of indoor and outdoor elements involves all your guests in an interesting and exciting session that encourages creativity, design and team communication. Dependent upon the suitability of your meeting venue, either a two stage chemical motor rocket or a water pressure model will be designed, assembled and then launched by each team of wannabe NASA engineers. A great quick team event that quite literally finishes on a high!

    Creative Challenges

    These are a selection of fun creative team challenges designed to get your guests imaginative juices flowing! Just some of the enjoyable tasks are:
    Having a Giraffe
    Hats Off!
    All Wrapped Up
    Balloon Bonanza

  • Corporate Team Building

    In today's dynamic business environment, where every action and outlay must deliver a result or affect a change, your team building activities must be energising, motivating, engaging, but most of all effective.

    So whatever is on your agenda, from business orientated events, more formal corporate training or mental and physical conference energisers, KDM's experience and expertise will ensure your teams take back from our corporate events valuable skills and confidence to the workplace - whilst having a little fun on the way.

    Corporate team building creates the building blocks for teamwork and communication. At KDM we know from experience that building a successful team is best achieved in a fun environment and especially where there is a common purpose; that is why we have developed an extensive range of practical indoor and outdoor events specifically designed to create situations where teamwork and communication are the prime factors in achieving your objectives.

    Benefits of Team Building Events

    KDM's events will help you to:

      Use conference ice breakers to energise your meeting
      Use a team event to reward performance
      Deliver your corporate training
      Aid team communication through team exercises
      Add sparkle to your conference events
      Develop communication in your management team
      As a catalyst in building your new team
      Boost productivity through team development
      Have a successful conference break-out session
      Use a team away day to reward your team
      Have an activity session as part of your management conference

    Team Building Ideas from KDM

    Every company has individual team building requirements which require a solution tailored to their unique needs. KDM Events has a wide portfolio of proven events and activities. After a discussion of your objectives and the Learning Points you wish to draw out from your corporate event we will produce an individual solution that meets your requirements. If required, our event manager will work with you in a post-event feedback session to draw out from the group the learning points and their application within your team.

  • Choosing the Right Team Building Event

    Corporate team activity events can sometimes be a bit hit or miss – team events that are unfocussed or poorly chosen could waste your time or even have a negative effect. How many times have you gone to see your doctor, said "I'm ill" and been given some "illness tablets"? Never, of course - a review of the symptoms is required first. Similarly, the place to start in choosing activity events is first to undertake an evaluation and establish quite clearly the objectives you wish to achieve with your event. If there are problems in your team, you need to determine the causes and consider the best way to tackle them. If there are no problems, you should identify how best to maintain or improve performance.

    There are numerous types of event possibilities, in fact far too many to list! Hitherto, the most popular team events have invariably involved some kind of outdoor activities. These are usually fun, but can suffer from the problem that it is difficult to translate the benefits back into the workplace and with the vagaries of the British weather the underlying message of the activity can get lost in the effort to stay dry and warm! The majority of KDM’s Team Activity Events have been designed to take place indoors where distractions are minimal and the focus can be on resolving specific issues.

    For the most effective activity event you need to have an integrated programme that combines your event with ongoing team development in the workplace. It is not a single event that takes place off-site, but an ongoing process that takes place within the team over a long period of time. It is therefore important to choose event activities that have objectives that match the issues in your team and make a long-term contribution to building a better team.

    When you then take a more detailed look at your short list of team activity ideas, there are various things you need to consider:

    - Will the event achieve the change you want?
    - Will all team members be involved in the event?
    - Will there be any coercion involved - it can backfire and be damaging to the team.
    - The activity chosen must be such that individuals won't feel excluded.
    - Can you find the time, budget and an appropriate venue for your event.
    - Ensure that there is no physical risk (See a Risk Assessment and ensure adequate Public Liability Insurance is in place).
    - Make sure that the day is structured so that members are treated equally and with respect.
    - See that fun is not achieved at the expense of others.
    - The event chosen does not have the potential to stir anger between members.
    - The event won't expose fears/incompetence – e.g. a fear of failure.
    - Plan so that any conflict or feedback will be managed constructively.
    - Buy in from the team is very important, so it is usually better to involve a cross-section of the team in making the decision rather than have just one individual decide on the medium used.

    Post Activity Review

    After your team activity event you should perform a review or evaluation of its effectiveness in meeting your objectives as this will help you in evaluating the return on investment and help in the choice of your next step in deveoloping the team.

  • Working as a Team

    Working as a team is the perfect ideal, but what sort of team should it be? The type of teams and the way in which they function vary enormously, depending on the task in hand and the skills of the members. Teams are complex machines and it's not surprising that they malfunction occasionally need re-alignment or re-focussing.

    To work effectively as a team you need agreement on exactly what sort of team you are: what are the goals, what is each member's role, who needs to work closely with whom, what should the game plan be? Sometimes it's as simple as learning more about the people you work with, and sometimes it's complicated, such as working through entrenched difficulties or defining how a long-distance team communicates.

    Building the Team

    A tailor-made team building event will help in the team development process by taking some time away from the workplace to slow things right down. Through discussion, brain storming, game play, role play and goal setting, you can sort out problems, put forward new ideas, plan the future, look at the team's purpose, vision and mission and learn more about each other as people. Subsequent to the event team members will enjoy a fresh perspective, achieve a sense of focus, build confidence and prepare for the real "game" ahead.

    A well considered activity event has a positive effect on the morale, motivation, confidence and effectiveness of the team and its individual members that immediately transfers to the workplace. Each event should be created from a specific brief and is tailor-made by working closely with your company to ensure the most appropriate programme.

    Tailored specifically to each group, KDM’s events are designed to help create and nurture successful, professional, productive and motivated teams.

    Team Development

    In the latter part of the 20th century, "Team Development" became recognised by many companies as an important factor in providing a quality service and remaining competitive. Yet as we enter the second decade of the 21st century, the term "team development" can still sometimes seem rather nebulous - people often know that they need it, but aren't quite sure what it is.

    Traditional techniques often address the inhibitors to collective performance: relationships and communication. However, if a group is only a group, then the benefits of such techniques may be limited. At best, there may be no need to resolve relationship problems; at worst it can be a waste of time and detract the people involved from achieving their individual goals.

    If a team is a group of people working towards a common goal, 'team development' is the process of enabling that group of people to reach their goal. It is therefore a management issue, and the most effective form of team development is undertaken as a form of consultancy, rather than as pure training.

    In its simplest terms, the stages involved in team development are:

    - Clarify the collective goals
    - Identify the inhibitors that prevent the team from reaching their goals and remove them
    - Put in place enablers that assist them
    - Measure and monitor progress, to ensure the goals are achieved

    Working as a Team Summary

    - A team is a group of people working towards a common goal
    - Team building and development are part of the process of enabling them to achieve that goal
    - If they are only a group rather than a team, then traditional team development techniques can be a waste of time and money or even counter-productive
    - There may be better ways to resolve problems in groups; e.g. putting distance between people who don't get on or, if they are both willing, building a better understanding of personality differences.

  • Team Building in the New Economy

    Team building events have developed considerably over the last twenty years and it is commonplace for organisations today to hold events at either department level or company level at least once a year.

    One of the main reasons is that most managers today believe team activity events are able to bond organisation members together both horizontally (between subordinates) or vertically (between managers and subordinates). However, what is lacking is the understanding of the concept of corporate team building. As a result, team  events today often end up becoming merely 'a nice day out', a one night stay at a good hotel or an afternoon of games. The outcome can leave much to be desired unless the concept of the rationale behind the event is well understood and this is essential to maximise the benefits for the time and money spent.

    What is Team Building?

    It is interaction among members of work teams to learn how each member thinks and works. Unfortunately, in today's practice, the focus has been misinterpreted. The key phrase here is "to learn how each member thinks and works". Activity events therefore should go beyond the idea of a "trip to the park". They have to allow for learning about how each member of the team thinks and works in relation to the workplace and each other. However, some companies today commonly use corporate activity events to simply ‘encourage’ people to work together rather than to learn about how each team member actually thinks and behaves.

    The common message inherent in most team events is "you must all learn to work as a team". A successful company needs to do more - they need to provide a structured opportunity to help team members learn more deeply about how other individuals operate in the workplace.

    When we were children special efforts to learn to work with others were unnecessary because as children we lived and grew up together. As we get older, we learn to become more sceptical of others and this is often culturally reinforced. We are no longer as naive in our ideas about other people. Combined with the rapid shifts in workplace environments and the changeover of personnel, this eventually makes it harder to work as a team and so corporate team building becomes an integral part of maximising corporate performance.

    Adults are more inflexible in accepting changes and other people’s values because as we grow, we become more inflexible and intolerant of others. We may not accept others views and opinions and therefore may not so easily change ourselves so that we can work effectively with other colleagues - we forget that we should try to compromise as we work along. Therefore, simply asking adults to work together is not the answer – they need the benefits that structured team building brings.

    Effective Team Activity Events

    Working together takes time, it takes effort - adults do not just learn to work as a team from a one or two day team building event - some people may not even gel together after years of being in the same office. It does not help by asking people to work as a team; they have to experience and understand other people's ways of working and being in order to really believe in their capacity to find effective ways of working together.

    To make corporate team events practical and beneficial, you should allow for interaction that leads to understanding. The simple “trip out” will not just work. It may promote interaction and everyone may have a good laugh, but if it is not structured, the best they could probably remember about their event is that they ‘had a good time’. Team building has to be structured - you must have first considered your objectives. To what level is it you want your guests to interact and work as a team? Bear in mind the purpose of interaction is to create understanding, and understanding that will help individuals know where others are coming from and why they act in a certain manner. Useful information could be gained - the person’s family background, their pastimes, their friends. All this may just surface from the interaction, but generally needs the more structured prompting which comes from a well considered and organised event.

    Effective team development needs to provide behavioural opportunities for revealing underlying thinking and behaviour patterns. Initiative based events are best used to see how we behave. A problem is given to a team to solve or a mission is set for them to achieve as a team. Each of the team members may have different ways of solving the problem. Allowing team members to understand why others make certain decisions will enable the team members to understand better why others make such decisions in the workplace. The process is crucial, it is not the end … it is the means. If during a raft building activity, your raft sinks it does not show that you are unable to work as a team. Whether or not the raft sinks is unimportant. What is important in any team activity is how team members made the decision and interacted with their colleagues.

    Objective Based Team Building

    Whilst these invariably, but not necessarily, take people away from the office and put them in an unfamiliar situation. It is where people are most likely dressed informally and therefore, behave differently. At these occasions, positions in the corporate hierarchy are often forgotten and the true self appears as people tend to lower their guard and behave differently. Not only do people act differently, they say things differently too. The way we act and behave outside the formal work setting is often our more true self. Team experiences should help to show our true ‘human’ nature. Knowing each others’ true attitude and behaviour will often change our perceptions of fellow workers.

    Your event will therefore be more successful when there is a structured programme which will allow specific objectives to be met. Activities that create the opportunity to reveal the way we think, make decisions and react will create better and further understanding of work colleagues. Finally, an activity event that allows each others’ attitudes and behaviour to surface creates better relationships in the office.

    However, managers are reminded that building and devoloping a team does not just happen in one or two days, it has to happen in the workplace every day and it takes time. Managers must promote interaction in the workplace among colleagues to learn how each member thinks and works, to allow team development to work. This might also involve several different training methods including class room training, role playing and profiling tests. Managers need to contribute to the process rather than being hopeful for the best results from just one or two team events.

    Based on the understanding of the principles above, it is hoped that managers will be able to make a better decision when organising future events. For help and advice on organising a structured Team Building or other Corporate Event please contact KDM.

  • Tackling a Poorly Performing Team

    Teamwork calls for collective effort on the team’s task and mutual cooperation in all activities related to that task. However, building a team is not easy and most teams have a few teething problems before they begin to bond and work well together. Some initial hiccups are quite normal when the team members are still trying to understand each other's work styles and are building rapport and trust between the individuals within the team. To quicken up the process an effective team building event should be considered.

    Sometimes teams never seem to be able to work well together, even after weeks or months have gone by. At times the team leader is blamed and may even be replaced in the hope that a change will improve the team’s work. Before this drastic action is considered an off-site team event with outside facilitation will help identify the factors at work and expose the underlying reasons why the team does not work.

    The problems within a team and its poor motivation levels can create a roadblock in the performance of an organisation and outside facilitation may be an effective aid to help resolve the issues. Quite often teams are unaware of the larger repercussions of their poor performance and unless the "problem team" is carefully dealt with and put on track, the organisation's performance objectives may be compromised. The team's problems could be anything from a lack of trust and poor communication to poor role clarity or personality clashes and outside help will assist in resolving the problems of the team.

    Ways of Putting the Team on Track

    Introduce informal team exercises and games to act as Ice Breakers and begin to get the communication going. The more the team members open up and interact with each other, the more chances there are of building team cohesion.

    Try and build "team patriotism" within the team. Stress the importance of the team's performance in the overall scheme of things. When team members see their role as significant in taking the organisation forward, the common purpose and common goals can work wonders in keeping them on track.

    Use team activity events to build on team strengths and break away from poor practices of the past, identify the capabilities and strengths of individuals and develop team roles accordingly. By identifying poor practices within the team and seeking solutions you can divert them from previous behavioural tendencies and build a stronger team performance. However you have to highlight the specific problems within the team and use relevant methods to rectify the problems.

    Use team training sessions to talk to the team about the essence of teamwork, about being a good team player and the expectations of the organisation from the team. This sends out a signal that says "This is how we want you to work, this is our vision for the way to interact and work together as a team."

    Other Measures

    Providing strong leadership is important for such teams and a good leader can drive the change and stimulate substantial and committed reform in work approaches rather than a half-hearted attempt.

    Bringing back the team spirit will put the spark back into the team and instil a sense of pride in the group. A team building event will charge them up to perform better and make a positive statement to emphasise that 'You can do it', 'You have what it takes to deliver better results' and 'the company is looking forward to greater contribution from this team in future'.

    Providing the right Team Dynamics will emphasise the importance of providing a challenge when an organisation wants to create a high level of motivation towards a task and energise the team effort.

    Tackling Poorly Performing Teams – Summary

    Turning around a poorly performing team takes time and needs patience. It will not be achieved overnight but it is something that is achievable with the right attitude, approach and tools.

  • Building a Successful Team

    1. Objectives and Expectations


    Has the team taken its assigned area of responsibility and designed its own mission, vision and strategies to accomplish the mission?
    Have they defined and communicated their goals, timelines, anticipated outcomes and contributions and established how they will measure both the outcomes of its work and the process the team followed to accomplish their task?
    Does management or the other coordinating group support what the team has been asked to design?
    Are the event objectives in line with these?

    Clear Expectations:
    Has management clearly communicated its expectations for the team and its expected outcomes?
    Is the organisation demonstrating constancy of purpose in supporting the team with resources of people, time and money?
    Does the work of the team receive sufficient emphasis as a priority in terms of the time, discussion, attention and interest directed its way by executive leaders?


    2. Commitment and Context


    Do they understand and relate to the importance of the team's objectives?
    Do they perceive their service as valuable to the organisation and to their own careers?
    Are members committed to accomplishing the team's role and expected outcomes?
    Do team members expect reward or recognition for their contribution to the team's objectives?
    Are team members excited and challenged by their roles?
    Do team members expect their skills to grow and develop as a consequence of being part of the team?

    Can team members define their importance to the accomplishment of the organisation’s objectives?
    Do they understand how the strategy of working in teams will help the organisation communicate and attain its business goals?
    Do the team members understand how their work fits into the whole context of the organisation’s objectives, principles, vision and values?


    3. Control and Competence

    To achieve your objectives for your team they need to be effective and focused with -

    Does the team have the freedom and empowerment necessary to take ownership of their objectives?
    At the same time, are team members aware of how far they may go in pursuit of solutions?
    Are time and cost limitations defined at the beginning of the project before the team experiences barriers and the need to rework their strategy?
    Is the team’s accountability and reporting relationship clear to all members of the organisation?
    Is the team’s authority to make recommendations and implement its plans defined?
    Does the organisation have a plan to increase opportunities for self-management among organisation members?
    Is there a defined review process so both the team and the organisation are consistently aligned in direction and purpose?
    Do team members hold each other accountable for project timelines, commitments and results?
    Does the organisation have a plan to increase opportunities for self-management among organisation members?

    Do the team members believe in each other’s ability to meet the organisation’s objectives?
    Does the team feel that its members have the skill, knowledge and capability to address the issues for which the team was formed and if not, is the team aware of the correct channels to follow to find help?
    Does the team feel it has the resources, strategies and support needed to accomplish its mission?


    4. Collaboration and Creative Innovation


    Is the work process understood by the team?
    Do members understand group development stages?
    Do team members co-operate to accomplish the team's objectives?
    Are team members working together effectively?
    Are the roles and responsibilities of team members and team leaders understood by all?
    Can the team approach problem solving, process improvement, goal setting and measurement jointly?
    Is the group using an appropriate strategy to accomplish its action plan?
    Has the team established rules of conduct in areas such as conflict resolution, decision making and meeting management?

    Creative Innovation:
    Is the organisation really interested in change?
    Does it provide the opportunity, training and support necessary to stimulate new thinking?
    Does it value new ideas, creative thinking and unique solutions?
    Does it reward people who take reasonable risks to make improvements - or does it reward the people who fit in and maintain the status quo?


    5. Consequences and Communication


    Do team members feel responsible and accountable for their achievements?
    Are rewards and recognition supplied when teams are successful?
    Do team members fear reprisal?
    Is reasonable risk respected and encouraged in the organisation?
    Is the organisation designing reward systems that recognize both team and individual performance?
    Do team members spend their time finger pointing rather than resolving problems?
    Is the organisation planning to share gains and increased profitability aarising as a consequence of the team's efforts with team and individual contributors?
    Can contributors see the impact of the team on the organisation’s performance?

    Are team priorities set out and agreed between team members?
    Is there an established method for the teams to give feedback and receive honest performance feedback?
    Does the organisation provide important business performance updates regularly?
    Do team members communicate clearly and honestly with each other?
    Do all team members feel able to bring their opinions to the table?
    Are necessary conflicts raised and addressed?


    6. Coordination and Cultural Change


    Are teams coordinated centrally by a leadership team that assists teams in obtaining the necessary resources to succeed?
    Have priorities and resource allocation been planned across departments?
    Are cross-functional and multi-department teams common and working together effectively?
    Do teams understand the concept of the internal customer, anyone to whom they provide a product or a service?
    Is the organisation developing a customer-focused and process-focused orientation and moving away from traditional departmental thinking?

    Cultural Change:
    Does the organisation plan to use team's successes and failures for learning and does it support reasonable risk?
    Does the organisation recognize the differences between the team-based, collaborative, empowering, enabling organisational culture of the future and the traditional, hierarchical organisation?
    Is the organisation planning to or in the process of changing how it rewards, recognizes, appraises, hires, develops, motivates and manages the people it employs?
    Does the organisation recognize the positive link between changing its climate to support teams and the pay back it will receive from the work of the team?


    Building a Successful Team - Summary

    People in every workplace talk about building the team and working as a team but few understand how to create a team which works or how to develop an effective team.

    Belonging to a team, in the broadest sense, is a result of feeling part of something larger than you. It has a lot to do with your understanding of the mission or objectives of your organisation.

    In a team oriented environment, you contribute to the overall success of the organisation. You work as a team and as fellow members of the organisation to produce these results. Even though you have a specific job function and you belong to a specific team, you are unified with and work in conjunction with other organisation members to accomplish the overall objectives. The bigger picture drives your actions; your function exists to serve the bigger picture.

    You need to differentiate this overall sense of team work from the task of developing an effective intact team that is formed to accomplish a specific goal. People confuse the two team development objectives. This is why team building seminars, meetings, retreats and activities can be deemed to be failures by their participants. Leaders fail to define the team they want to build - developing an overall sense of team work is different from building an effective, focused work team.

Team Building Events throughout the UK
It is unbelievable how positive the delegates are now - they are like a new team