Create your own Chocolates

A venue we regularly work with came through with an enquiry for five ladies requesting a workshop style event, whilst their partners were playing golf. I recommended a Chocolate Workshop with each guest creating a selection of chocolates (including the design and production of the packaging) to take away with them.

Based on our popular ‘Chocolate Factory Challenge’ event, I changed the focus so that instead of the usual team based activity – which contains business aspects including budgets and marketing, the ladies created the chocolates to meet their own specification and needs. Guests were given tips a tasting session to help them design their selection and then let loose with the ingredients!

Feedback received was very positive and the guests were very impressed with the way the event was run. They commented on how successfully the team building activity adapted to provide an informal workshop style event. Both fun and informative the afternoon was just what they were looking for.

July 2009

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