Team Building for a Brighter Future

My client has ten Regional Sales Managers who often work together on the same projects but rarely have the opportunity to get together. With a new Managing Director and a recently appointed Sales Manager, team building and developing communication understanding were key issues.

The client was looking for team activities and ideas to support their Sales Managers’ Conference for 2009 and which would help develop communication and understanding amongst the management team, aid their individual motivation and which would help the new team gel and boost morale. This was seen as the first step to increasing cohesion and performance across the whole workforce.

We recommended a facilitated assessment of the team’s personalities and introduced them to the Insights Colour Profiling system. Each of the managers was asked to complete the on-line assessment to allow us to put together their individual profiles before the conference.

These profiles helped to highlight each staff members working character and enabled us to illustrate how these differences be managed to work together as strengths.

Throughout the morning each manager learnt not only how to work with their colleagues more effectively but also about their own strengths and weaknesses for their own personal development. They completed tasks to show them how to work together more productively and together they predicted the future problems facing them if they carried on their current practices.

After lunch they got a chance to putting their new found respect for each other into practice as they took part in the Crystal Maze corporate team building event.

We event managed and facilitated the whole event with an in-depth plenary session after the activities.

And the client feedback…….

……..  the whole event was excellent.  When the email went out to the guests they were all apprehensive of why they should be profiled but with a little convincing they all completed it ready for the day. The colour exercises went extremely well and really got people to open up. They then proved that they could work together as a team to a common goal with the aid of the Crystal Maze. Marcus, Graham and Gareth were very professional and helped towards the whole success with their knowledge.  It is unbelievable how positive they are now; they are like a new team, brilliant!  We are going to cascade the colour profiling across the company. 

Wayne Lamb
November 2009

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