Team Building is a Waste of Time!

Whilst we all know that a poor journalist has to make a living somehow however that cannot be accepted as an excuse for poor journalism.  Not so for Kate Devlin the Medical Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph.

   She wrote a fascinating article on Team Building when, obviously feeling in need of a break, she took time out at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Now we all know that University Sports Clubs all have initiation ceremonies for Freshers which may well be long established and traditional but which all involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol and running sans clothes through the town centre.

 Presumably in a futile bid to present undergraduates with a deeply researched piece of learning designed to moderate their drinking habits a couple of academics with too much time on their hands have interviewed 100 young folks who play sport and have concluded:  “Interactive sports players are more likely to be subjected to inappropriate team building activities, which suggests that the idea of initiation may be embedded in the tradition of these teams and is seen as part of their cultures.”

Further:  “Our findings suggest that, despite there being no positive relationship to team cohesion, team building activities … are still conducted.“  

 Well of course they are – but as any student will testify it’s not about team building at all, it’s about humiliating the first years and having a laugh.  That’s what initiation ceremonies are all about.

Now our Kate (the unfortunate writer we started off with) has studied this research about university sports club initiation ceremonies for 18 to 24 year old students and used her vivid imagination to relate it to something completely different – corporate and business team building – where she reached the stunning conclusion that “according to a new study team building activities are a waste of time and do nothing to help groups bond”.

I have done some equally profound research and reached the conclusion that as a Medical Correspondent she doesn’t know her A**e from her Elbow.


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